A spark ignited the drive to pursue music for four high school mates (Alan Durairaj, Ilyas Abir, Yue Wai Ming & Pawanraj Randhawa). MassMusic brings a fresh new sound to the Malaysian music scene. They continue to captivate with their exploration of light and dark themes and keep us hooked, waiting for more.

MassMusic Vol.1 has been met with warm reception. Since the release, MassMusic has performed at Good Vibes Festival and Island Music Festival 2018. to date, they have achieved Artist of the Month (September) for and garnered No. 1 and No. 4 spot respectively on the MET 10 chart. In a recent interview, it was mentioned that MassMusic are not stopping as they continue to experiment with new sounds and genres to push the limits of their music .


NAKEDYOUTH is a hip-hop collective that was formed in 2017 in Penang, Malaysia. There are eight members (JACOVNCM, SAINTMAVCUS, LIL T, 2Keat, YJ, CMGOHIGH, KENT, YANGKIDDO) in the group, some newer than others and amongst them are rappers , fashion designers, and an accountant.

Their clothing line ‘SOUL SEARCHING’ is also the name of their EP which is soon to be released. They released their first mixtape ‘NAKED YOUTH EP1’ which contains 5 tracks. In 2019,their artists Saint Mavcus,2Keat, and Lil T will release their debut EP ‘SOUL SEARCHING’ , comprising of 8-10 songs.