The mastermind behind Wild$tyle Records, the rapper is known for his outspoken lyrics and unique Cantonese flow which fits smoothly into various styles. With the current rise of Asian trap, YoungQueenz has put Hong Kong on the map with his recent mixtape Otaku Mobbin along with its hit single <Kiko Mitzuhara>.

His electrifying live performance along with his Otaku swagger has also attracted a strong cult following in the younger generation, bringing a chaotic energy in the crowd every time he performs live. Despite his young age, Youngqueenz has brought his music to sold out crowds in Taiwan, China, Malaysia, and Singapore, notably opening for fellow Asian rap stars Rich Chigga, Kohh, and Okasian just to name a few.

Young Hysan

Young Hysan, one of the most exciting young rappers in the city's burgeoning hip-hop scene.Fresh off the release of his 'No Feelings' EP, Hysan’s experimentation with psychedelic trap has garnered him a plethora of fans out of Hong Kong and East Asia, with over 200,000 YouTube views on his own channel over just a handful of releases.

He is also the leader of Cantonese underground rap sensation/boy band The Low Mays - 米奇老味神奇屋, a hyper-controversial and polarising group that has a cult following unlike any other. In the last two years, they have performed a handful of sold-out shows in HK.

JB (aka Jiggie Boy)

JB aka Jiggie Boy - Don't confuse him with Justin Bieber or BlocBoy JB, the multi-lingual Filipino-Hong Kong rapper is fluent in Cantonese and has been integral to Hong Kong's growing hip-hop scene for many years.

Last year, JB gained Internet virality with videos for "點解咁撚肥 (This Guy Why So Fat)" ( which has achieved over 400k views on YouTube, and "潮共 (Chiu Gung)" (, which has nearly a million views. His most recent song is "DIFFERENT" ( which has already racked up over 20k views, albeit released less than a week ago.


Hong Kong based hip-hop collective XABITAT consists of artists Kemikal Kris, Wesley Jamison and Lord.  Their soon to be released self-titled debut EP “Xabitat” , will comprise of 7-9 songs with instrumentals incorporating strong Asian influence. xabitat released videos for their first two singles “niggas in china (” and “so high (” in 2018.

their portfolio speaks for itself, from performing alongside A$ap Mob’s A$ap Tyy to performing at Bali’s Gypsy land music festival. xabitat are on the verge of changing the hong kong hip hop scene.


Dough-Boy is this generation's most well-known rapper in Hong Kong and Bakerie is currently the biggest hip-hop group in HK.

Born in Toronto and raised in Singapore, Dough-Boy has an impressive list of accomplishments. Dough-Boy has collaborated with the biggest Chinese rappers and artists including MC Jin熱狗 MC HotDog, Tizzy T, Jackson WangLexie Liu, Masiwei of HigherBrothers側田Justin Lo頑童MJ116 and many more.

Dough-Boy is the first and only rapper to win an HK Film Award for a rap song. He has been featured on magazines and media including VICENoiseyHYPEBEAST, Yoho! and others.

Dr. X (aka Rico Xenophon)

RX Wong Ho Pong is a renowned Beatbox Artist. He is Known as "Leader of Hong Kong Beatboxing" and being called "The Thousand Voices Man" in Japan. RX was Ranked 2nd in China’s Beatbox Contest 2012. He also joined a contest organised by TBS Television Broadcast in Japan with Jonathan Wong. They ranked number one and broke the record in Japan.

In 2014-2016, RX released 3 singles, "Hong Kong Jai" , "Beatbox Party" and "She's Beautiful". As a rapper, he had a chance to be a guest and perform in Hacken Lee's concert in Genting and Canada. He has worked with other famous singers like HOCC, Khalil Fong, Ivana Wong, To Kit, Chiu Tsang Hei.

RX is now working on music production. He is involved in music production in CoCo Chanel online promotional clips and the drama "Danz Up". It 's worth mentioning that RX plays a part in "Danz up" and "Detention" and he is performing with the group all over the world.


Hong Kong's self-proclaimed Jap Boy, TXMIYAMA is a hip-hop artist who often blends both English and Japanese in his belligerent lyrics about the Hong Kong lifestyle. Born in Toronto, raised in Hong Kong, and being of Japanese descent, TXMIYAMA first came onto the scene with his track "Outsiders" which speaks about embracing the third culture of not fitting in anywhere and has been putting out city-inspired songs ever since.

Fotan Laiki

Her thrill and energy can hardly go unnoticed. Her influence in the city tops that of other artists with a motive to encourage the youth who’re often unable to live their dreams. Her image may be misleading, but Fotan Laiki is a social activist who uses her music platform to highlight that everyone has the ability to shape their own destiny. 

Yung Takeem

Known for his goofy and straightforward lyrics, yung takeem has risen in the indie music scene and has been tipped by music critics as an emerging artist to watch. His music videos, which show him and his friends irreverently fooling around in restaurants and on the streets, have received more than a million in total views on YouTube.

despite his lo-fi video quality, Yung Takeem spices up many conventional themes of hip-hop, such as sex and drugs, with clever hyper-local references that only people who are in touch with both Cantonese pop culture and Chinese history would understand.


JBO got introduced to music and fell in love with it from Hip Hop to Trap, R&B to Pop, and all types of music. JBO used music as a way to express himself and create content on a level where people can relate with themselves regardless of whether it’s good or bad.

JBO worked in the club scene in Hong Kong and China as an MC to learn more about music and the industry. JBO started taking his music on a different flight by releasing his very first video on YouTube (Wateva Ho). JBO released his first Mixtape Tha Chaplin on Soundcloud and other social media platforms. Since then, JBO has been releasing singles and working with other producers and artists.